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The Connoisseur's Set - 1 Glass

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Never Drink Another Diluted Whiskey Again. Discover the Original Rocks paired with our stunningly beautiful crystal whiskey nosing glass.

The round solid granite stones cool your drink without the dilution found from traditional melting ice cubes which alters the true taste of spirits. Designed for the connoisseur, this collection will elevate your whiskey tasting experience, awaking your senses as you sip your favorite whiskey.

Designed to unlock whiskey’s hidden flavors and enhance scent delivery by improved aeration & ethanol evaporation, our uniquely shaped glass significantly intensifies the characteristics of your favorite dram. Set the tone for an exciting evening & sample your curated collection of whiskies. Famous for our unrivalled & magnificient gift sets, ROCKS will make a perfect gift for the whiskey lover. Unique, Tasteful, Giftable.