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Teaspressa Champagne Brunch Kit

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Elevate your brunch with Teaspressa's Champagne Brunch Kit. This luxurious set includes full-size LUXE mixology cubes in strawberry, peach, raspberry, and rose flavors, plus a garnishing stick with delicate rose petals.

Perfect for hosting or attending brunch gatherings, it promises to elevate your champagne cocktails effortlessly.

How to Use: Step 1: place the cube in a flute, Step 2: pour bubbles on top, Step 3: Cheers! OR In a wine or champagne glass, muddle a cube in a tablespoon of water. Add anything sparkling—and get a little magic bubbly show with delicious fruit pieces floating on top. Recommended with: brut/less sweet sparkling wine, sparkling water, iced teas.

Shelf life: 12–24 months.

Each LUXE cube has less than a tsp of sugar, approximately 16 calories, 4 carbs. All natural ingredients.

Made in United States.