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Natural Cleaning Mini Travel Set

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The L'AVANT Mini Travel Set is the ideal companion for your next journey. Perfectly sized and crafted with multifaceted use, the two-ounce bottles make this pack an indispensable tool for cleanliness on the go.  Perfect for jet setters and adventurers alike. So be wild, but wash while you wander!

Suggested uses: airplane seats and tables, hotel tables, hotel TV remotes or drinking glasses, sunglasses, grocery carts, dishes while camping, spot clothes stain remover, public bathrooms, restaurant tables, and more! Good for the earth, good for your kids and pets, and easy on the eyes.

L'avant's powerful plant-based alternatives work as well as the conventional cleaning products—but without the harmful ingredients!

Set Includes:

(1) High Performing Dish Soap - Fresh Linen Scent - 2 oz

(1) Hand Soap - Fresh Linen Scent - 2 oz

(1) High Performing Multipurpose Cleaner Spray - Fresh Linen Scent- 2 oz