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Multipurpose Cleaner Concentrate 3 Pack

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Three times the convenience! With the Multipurpose Surface Cleaner Concentrate, refilling your elegant L’AVANT 16 oz. spray bottle is a breeze. Packaged in 1 oz. eco-luxe glass bottles, going the refill route makes our powerhouse plant-based cleaner even more sustainable. Refill your stylish reusable L'AVANT spray bottle with our convenient 1 oz. plastic-free concentrates plus 15oz of your own water. Elevate your everyday chores with our L’AVANT Collective Fresh Linen scent, a signature natural blend made with essential oils. Your Multipurpose Refill Pack includes: 3 Natural Multipurpose Cleaner Concentrates - 1 oz. Glass Bottles. Created for many types of non-porous surfaces: counters, stone, tile, glass, wood, stainless steel, and marble. What is a concentrated cleaner? Our concentrates provide an eco-friendly way to refill your beautiful L'AVANT 16 oz. spray bottle. When you are ready, add 15 oz. of water to this 1 oz. concentrate and you will have the same, high performing cleaning spray as the ready to use version!