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Everlasting Candle Vase

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Everlasting Candles are a luxurious steel candle that never melts - providing endless clean burning ambience to your home. Inspired by the celebrations of life, this translucent colored collection evokes emotion and memories while providing a hint of color to your everyday décor.

Storm - calm within the chaos. A smokey-grey translucent vase that provides a subtle hint of moodiness.  

Clear - with it's clean lines and sleek shape, this minimalistic and elegant handblown clear vase sets the stage for your everlasting candles.

Pampas - a dream on the horizon. A creamy neutral translucent vase that provides a subtle hint of delicacy.

Use with Pristine oil + Everlasting Candles. Pristine oil is a natural and biodegradable mineral oil that's completely clean burning and used exclusively with the everlasting candle. Each bottle provides 50 hours of smoke-free, scent-free candlelight ambience.

Measurements: 4.75" x 2.5", 9oz. vase.

Designed and Made in Canada.