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White Yin-Yang Candle - Black Salt + Teakwood

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These unique ceramic candles have two separate fragrances that can stand alone or create a new delightful aroma when burned together. Yin & Yang encourages slowing down and finding inner peace.

Black wick - Black Salt.
Top Notes: Sea Salt, Sparkling Aldehydes, Citrus Ozone, Eucalyptus.
Middle Notes: Heliotrope, Jasmine, White Water Accord, Clary Sage.
Base Notes: Frosted Woods, Marine, Birchwood, Cedar, Rosemary.

White wick - Teakwood.
Top Notes: African Ginger, Lemon Zest, Bergamot, Crushed Black Pepper.
Middle Notes: Elemi Resin, Clove Leaf, Cinnamon Bark, Eucalyptus, Fresh Nutmeg.
Base Notes: Tamboti Wood, Blackwood, Cedar, Sandalwood, Dark Teakwood.

Size: 11 oz.

Vessel: Ceramic.

Dimensions: 8" L x 8" W x 3.15" H.