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Teal/Orange Aura Candle - Tobacco Patchouli

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Uplift the atmosphere of any room with the Aura 6 oz. Candle - Tobacco Patchouli. This 2 wick candle is the perfect statement piece for your home with elements of vintage glassware, vibrant jewel tones, and luxurious spiced fragrances.

Top Notes: Cinnamon, Nutmeg.
Middle Notes: Patchouli, Vetiver.
Base Notes: Tobacco, Sandalwood, Creamy Vanilla.

Size: 6 oz.

Vessel: Glass.

Dimensions: 4.21” L x 4.21” W x 3.66” H.

After removing the wax, this glass vessel is food safe and perfect for your next cocktail or ice cream sundae!